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original-logos_2016_Jul_2245-577bcf42da64c_1400x1400Many have commented as to why we do not have advertising on our pages.

At Church’d, we are selective in who we accept to sponsor us. It is a relationship that is as cultivated as much as our listeners. Reasons being, we view and treat our sponsors with the same sincerity and forthrightness as our audience who listens and the churches we attend.

The questions we ask when we are approached by a sponsor who would like to advertise with us are…

Can our listeners benefit from the product or service they are offering?
Are we familiar with their product or service and have we ever used them?  If we did use them or know someone who has, how was the product/experience?

The most important question here is “Can our listeners benefit…?”

We at Church’d always present our sincere thoughts, opinions and insights when it comes to our podcast or when it comes to endorsing a product or service. Because we truly appreciate our listeners, we want to continue to build a relationship that is based in sincerity,  honesty and trust.

So we are proudly selective.

Our advertising packages include scripted on-air live reads from the hosts, produced commercials and banner/website placement.

If you are considering advertising, please contact us at the email below.


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