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  1. Heather Speirs

    Very interesting review. So glad you appreciated our choir, our new pastor (who is much more comfortable now that she’s been there for 7 months), and the lessons that Rev Abbey taught us on radical hospitality (which we’re doing better at since, I’ll warrant). Sorry that you slightly misrepresented me–I didn’t self-identify in my introduction but rather in my response to the sermon. My intention was to share that it was only in coming to a Unitarian church that I could bring my whole self, in order to let others know that they can bring their whole selves and feel welcome. As of now, we have increased our membership by over 30 members since your visit, and giving is over the top! But you’re right, Jesus is not central in the way He is in other Christian churches. He is not the only Way, the only Truth or the only Light. Rev Abbey does cite scripture in her sermons sometimes. btw, the chalice has a wonderful backstory, which originates in WWII–you can find it on the UUA website.

    1. Kevin and Sequoyah Post author

      Hello Heather, thank you so much for your your comments. We are glad to hear of the growth and changes in your church since our visit. We like to think we helped in some small way.
      Thanks for listening and we look forward to another visit.

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