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  1. Eric Post author

    Wow! A heated , civil exchange, well, in the religious world anyway. I appreciated both of your opinions, however, I have to side with Kevin on this one Randy. Having the congregation raise their contributions over their head is crazy!
    Good stuff, keep it going.
    Hey, why not tell us the name of the church?

    1. pts113@yahoo.com Post author

      Thanks for listening Eric.
      I didn’t mention the name of the church out of respect for my co-host who wishes to attend that particular church on a regular basis as well as become a member.

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  2. Thal T

    Re: A Church in Delaware.
    My church raises their contribution over their heads like I heard on your podcast. I don’t think its strange or crazy or any of that. However, if a visitor (like you Kevin) thought that it was strange, maybe it is for a visitor. But as a member, I don’t think its strange. Way to go Randy!


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