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  1. S.K.

    I’ve been a fan since the beginning and I never heard you two be at such odds, it made it interesting to hear such different points of view. I think Kevin may have been a little closed because of his past experience and Sequoyah seemed more open to the experience and the word of God. That’s my take on it at least.

    1. Kevin Post author

      I’m not sure I can defend myself here, but I’ll try, some of the methods Kingsway church was using to bring members in were similar to my past experiences in another church that I attended for nine years. Although not an exact representation, the push for members and small groups made me realize the control some churches like to exercise over members by getting them to confess and be “open” to other men and women was simply a way to understand how those members can be controlled and manipulated into doing what the church ultimately wanted. Everything from who to date, where to live, what to drive, who they had contact with, to micro-managing the members tithes. Unfortunately. the ICOC played God by administering their own form of consequences and punishment which weren’t biblical and rarely forgiven or forgotten unless you jumped through several hoops to win back their favor. But that is what you get when you give too much power/control to men/women, (see Henry Kriete’s, Honest to God, “An open letter to the ICOC…”) they act like people who have something over you in the name of God. So, I guess I can’t say I’m closed. I can say however, I am just a lot more aware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing on this journey. Again, I should mention, I can’t confirm or deny Kingsway church is like this, it would be difficult to determine that with only one visit. I am merely stating what I recalled when they (Kingsway and ICOC) had such a push for new members and the smaller more intimate groups.
      Side note, I asked Sequoyah to comment and she said she is fine with S.K.’s perspective. Haha, of course she is fine.

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